Semifreddo Moulds by Martellato

Semi-freddo is a class of semi-frozen desserts by Martellato.


You'll find cut-to-measure Acetate sheets (NSA36X16) available in our store which perfectly fits the shape of these moulds..

If you're looking for a patterned effect on the top of the semifreddo, this can be achieved through the use of texture mats which can be found here. 

30TT302S Semi-Freddo Mould

Logs tray 30x40cm

2 cavity mould

W. 80mm x L. 355mm H. 60mm


  • 1.2 kg
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30TB3S Insert

2 plastic moulds kit for inserts.

W. 35mm x L. 180mm H. 30 mm

To use with 30TT302S


  • 0.25 kg
  • In Stock
  • Ships within 1-3 days

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