Shipping Info on Spray Colouring

Due to UK shipping regulations on flammable and dangerous goods, please note that all spray colouring can be shipped to mainland UK via Royal Mail and/or Parcelforce.


****Volume per item must not exceed 500ml. No more than 2x aerosols can be sent in any one pacakage****


If your order only contains any 2x of the spray cans below, please proceed to check out as normal.  


Should you require more than 2x spray cans please contact the team on who will be there to support you with your order by calculating the correct shipment fare and providing you with an ETA for your multiple shipments. An invoice will be sent out to your email address to confirm the order.

Payment can then be made via bank transfer or PayPal as per current payment policy. 

Pearl Spray Colouring (100ml) - Martellato

Pearl Hydroalcoholic food colouring in spray cans

Ideal for decoration of fat masses, chocolate, marzipan, biscuits, waffles, pulled sugar, candy floss, poured sugar, sugar paste, semifreddo, mousse, ice-cream and pastry in general.


Directions for use

Shake the product before use, keep at a distance of about 15cm. 

Do not spray too much in order to avoid unwanted stains.

Allow to dry for a few seconds before spraying again on the product to be decorated. 

Pearl Spray Colouring

Available in 5 different colours 

Azo Free

100ml spray can

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